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Open Letter to Building Owners (Residential and Commercial)

Most Texas architects are unaware of a technology that has been widely used in Florida and Washington DC that will protect your new building from hurricane damage, solar heat and even burglars—and pay for itself in energy savings while adding UV protection. Some of our customers include Rice University, Chase Bank (NY) and Coca cola, which had both heat and security issues. 1-4 LEED credits may also be obtained by using it.

We encourage you to add it to your specifications since its unlikely the architects will bring it to your attention. Our technology would have prevented, for example, millions of damages to Houston’s Chase Tower during Hurricane IKE from windows that were sucked out during the storm (IKE blew out windows and caused damage all the way to Ohio).

It has stopped burglars from breaking into homes as little as five (5) days after we installed it. It is the same technology used on Washington DC federal buildings after 9/11 — because it keeps explosions and large missiles from penetrating glass and avoiding damages to property and people.

While our customers use it primarily for hurricane and ‘smash and grab’ protection, it is also blast rated (GSA 3b/3a) and has passed the Large Missile test (ASTM 1886/1996 Large Missile Impact Level “C” (4.5lb missile) and Miami Dade Protocols PA 201 and 203.

It is also a green technology. The same film can cut solar heat 50-79% and harmful UV rays by 99%, thereby saving energy that can pay for itself over time in energy savings alone, not to mention avoiding internal damages from a window breach. The best part is that it costs a fraction of impact glass and shutters and works 24/7. It is a certified “Energy Star” product. It comes with a 12-year warranty.

The attached brochure and sample of our U.S. safety/security window film is sold and installed by our company nationwide. Our installation crew has decades of experience installing it.

We are also providing a specification sheet for your convenience and referral. I invite you to view the two-minute video on our website that shows how our technology works: Please call or email me if you would like to talk further about this technology. Thank you!

Michael Fjetland, President