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Official: Pakistan Taliban Behind NYC Car Bomb Plot

It’s official: It was the Pakistan Taliban who were behind the New York Times Square car bomb attempt.

While allied with Al Qaeda, the Pakistan Taliban are totally separate. This opens up a new threat of Pakistan militants moving beyond Pakistan to directly hit targets in the U.S. And to do it they are recruiting U.S. citizens who have been “radicalized.”
It also means that the next target could be any city or state, a synagogue, a sporting, any downtown, medical center – anywhere in the U.S.
Hundreds of people would have been injured or killed by flying glass if the NYC car bomb had gone off.
In addition to that threat, in less than three weeks the 2010 hurricane season begins – and runs until November 30.
But if you are prepared you don’t have to worry as much. Your best offense is installing a good defense – hardening your building’s glass with certified, blast-rated, security window film.
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