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“Of course, the windows were flying out…”

Yesterday Dallas was hit by 18 tornadoes. One of the most telling comments was made by a lady in a nursing home – where patients often cannot move. She said: ““Of course the windows were flying out…”

GLASS is every buildings weakest link. Wind-borne debris, or a human, can easily breach it – showering residents with lethal flying glass.

Despite this, too few people have “armored their glass” to avoid this threat. Why? Because almost none of them have heard about our technology despite it having been used on all the federal buildings in Washington DC after 9/11. It’s a fraction of the cost of shutters and does what ordinary solar film cannot do – avoid a breach of the glass by flying debris.

We continue our efforts to make the public aware of this option. Later this month our team will travel to the Midwest to armor the windows of a critical care facility that has unprotected windows even where patients are on life support. Imagine if they blew out during a storm?

In fact I met a man yesterday who had a window blow in during Hurricane Ike. The damages were over $90,000! Even though covered by insurance, our film would have avoided both the damage and the months of rebuilding it took. His rates will probably go up. And insurance will never replace family photos destroyed by the rain penetrating a broken window.
Are YOU prepared?