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Night time Break in – Memorial

Yesterday I went to a nice house in Memorial where the lady showed me a window that had been broken – in the FRONT of the house. But what she told me was shocking. This wasn’t the usual “break in during the day when people are at work” story.

She said that the person had entered the house sometime between midnight and 6 am – when they were sleeping! He stole a laptop and Iphone, despite their being a dog in a back room. When they woke up, the husband asked the wife if she had gone out and left the front door open. That was news to her. That’s when they discovered the broken glass and missing items.

This is another case where Armor Glass security film would have made entry difficult – the guy broke a minipane window near the window latch, then reached in and opened both locks!

I have been hearing stories like this from Roundtop to Rosharon to all parts of Houston, etc.  Are you prepared?

Cheap solar film would not have prevented this break in. All it does is block the sun. Our solar security film does BOTH – blocks the sun and the burglars, not to mention windborne debris from a hurricane that breaks a window and uplifts the roof!

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