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Newtown Killer Broke School’s GLASS to Enter – Armor Glass Could Have STOPPED Him

“He forced his way into the school,” Vance said. He did not provide specifics and said that broken windows at the school (were) shattered…”
When I read that statement yesterday I was shocked, not just by the horror of the act – but the realization slapped me across the face that our technology could have prevented this awful disaster from happening.

The Newtown Shooter got in by BREAKING THROUGH ITS WINDOWS, according to this news account.

Glass is a 5,000 year old technology that hasn’t changed in 5,000 years – it’s still as fragile and easily broken as it was five millennia ago. A man with a gun, or a brick, can easily break through it.

Until security film like Armor Glass sells came along. It was first developed as a result of space technology to protect people from car bomb blast waves in Northern Ireland when the IRA was killing people for not being Catholic. Remember that? It was installed in our federal buildings in DC after 9/11 for the same reason.

A bullet into tempered glass blows out the entire area — tempered glass like that in an office or school breaks into small pieces, like a car window.

Any gun — especially an assault style Bushmaster 223 caliber gun — would have blown a huge hole in the school’s – any school’s — glass wall in mere seconds.

Within two seconds this killer was into the school building after shooting out the glass.

The second the glass shattered the staff and students were totally vulnerable. Many buildings have glass for walls. All are just as vulnerable to burglars, bricks, hurricane-force winds, hail — and shooters with assault weapons.

Even if the Sandy Hook principal had been armed she would have had little luck against an assault rifle and a man wearing body armor. She tried to run at the gunman to subdue him and paid the ultimate price defending her staff and students.
So I feel strange knowing that if my company’s security film been on that school’s windows, it would have delayed the shooters entry – giving the staff precious time to dial 911 for police and lock down the school.  Our product could have saved many if not all of them from being killed – because even shooting the film would not give immediate access.  Shooting a glass window sends dangerous glass shrapnel flying. Throw a rock at tempered glass and it leaves a gaping hole where glass once stood for anyone to walk through without getting so much as a cut.
Had our film been installed the film would have contained the glass despite numerous bullet holes. The special high tech film is anchored to the frames with a special structural sealant (made by Dow Corning and GE) which would have kept it in place, delaying the intruder. Even if it held for two minutes to give the police time to get there it would have made a lifesaving difference.  We had it keep a burglar from breaking into a lady’s house five days after we installed it. It makes a difference.
I am so sorry this happened. So many innocent women and children killed by a deranged animal masquerading as a human. It reminds me why I do this — to PROTECT PEOPLE and their families from breach of every building’s weakest link — its WINDOWS from intrusions.

It seems that we have come to the unfortunate time that EVERY building should armor its glass to protect our families and our schools to protect our kids from demented young men with high powered rifles. As well as windborne debris from a hotter planet generating bigger storms.  

But most importantly, from killers and burglars.

We have come to a point in America that we all need security to protect our kids and families.

Our deepest condolences to the families of Sandy Hook.
Michael Fjetland