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NEW: Tornadoes in NEW YORK! Weather Keeps Getting Weirder – and Threatening New Places

The Governor of New York came on TV today and said: “This is New York. We don’t get tornadoes. But now we do. This is the new normal.”

A freak tornado had hit upper New York and leveled a house. Gov. Cuomo is right.

Freak storms and damaging tornadoes are now happening in new places–tornadoes in Maine and New York. CAT 5 hurricanes, the largest storms in the world, hitting countries in the Pacific. It won’t be long we will see the same in the Atlantic. It is the “new normal” for weather.

The answer to these threats is the same: ARMOR GLASS security film to “armor your glass” that are the weakest link, easily breached, which leads to these exploded buildings.

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