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New study shows region’s extreme wind risk in a monster storm

A new study has come out detailing the billions in losses that would be caused by a major hurricane sweeping over Houston. Here is the link.

This article has a flaw – it only mentions one potential solution “shutters” which is unrealistic. Can you put shutters on glass buildings? Not really. Are shutters economically sensible? Not really. But there is a better solution that can be applied to existing buildings and new ones as well.

Despite giving numerous presentations to prestigious architectural firms, I’ve found that builders and architects in Texas still do not know about “security window film” like my company Armor Glass sells. I call it “invisible shutters.”  You could also call it “invisible burglar bars.”

Hurricane-rated Security film provides essentially the same protection as shutters for 10% of the cost of shutters.  Security film also cuts solar heat and harmful UV and protects from burglars, which open shutters do not.

Our company recently finished installing our Armor Glas Security Film on a dorm at Rice (Weiss). During IKE in 2008, the students were moved from one glass building to another before the administrators realized that they were no safer. Now, the students can “shelter in place” at Weiss during a hurricane. The film is even anchored to the window frames so they can take a Large Missile impact without blowing in.

And because the dorm rooms used to be so hot from sun coming through the glass, we used a tinted version that cuts 55% of the solar heat – saving enough energy to pay for itself in a couple years!

We need to upgrade our buildings folks BEFORE the next big one. IKE blew out windows all over town – and it was only a CAT 1!

Even that small storm stripped windows out of buildings like Chase Tower downtown. Had they had our film and frame attachment installed, they would not have lost a single window, even if broken. They would have spared tenants months of construction delays and lost equipment and documents which were sucked out of windowless offices.

Being prepared means taking action before the “next big one” hits. Are you prepared?