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New Disturbance moving into Gulf of Mexico

There is a new disturbance moving into the Gulf of Mexico. There is a “moderate” chance it will turn into a named storm.

The Pacific Ocean has been hotter than the Atlantic ocean this year. As a result the storms have been historic in size – CAT 5 and 200 mile per hour winds are bearing down on Japan right now. However, the winds are predicted to slow to about 125 mph by the time it makes landfall.

Hurricanes started in the Pacific this year a week BEFORE hurricane season officially begins on June 1.  According to Wikipedia:

The season began with an active start, with three tropical cyclones developing before June 15, including two Category 4 hurricanes, of which one became the strongest tropical cyclone ever recorded in May in the East Pacific. After a less active period in late June and early July, activity once again picked up in August. The active season resulted in numerous records, including Hurricane Amanda, the strongest May hurricane on record, Hurricane Iselle, the strongest tropical cyclone on record to strike the Big Island of Hawaii, Hurricane Marie, the first Category 5 Pacific hurricane since Hurricane Celia in 2010, and Hurricane Odile, the most destructive tropical cyclone of the season and the most intense tropical cyclone to make landfall over the Baja California peninsula. Also, Hurricane Simon became the eighth major hurricane in the Pacific east of 140°W, tying the record held by the 19831992 and 1993 seasons.”

Stay tuned and be prepared.