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New Atlantic Record for Strongest Hurricane

Never before have we recorded a CAT 5 hurricane in the eastern part of the Atlantic Ocean, until Hurricane Lorenzo. The weather continues to set new records for higher winds and more destructive rain, both hazards facing humans and our fragile shelters from the elements.
While those not in its path may feel Lorenzo’s record doesn’t mean much, it should. Because it means that the next storm that does come your way is probably going to be STRONGER and more dangerous one.  Existing structures are proving inadequate from being blown apart.
This will mean that buildings will have to be made stronger to survive these killer winds. Glass remains the weakest link of every building on the planet. When it blows out, a building is instantly “pressurized” –with roaring winds blowing off roof and the walls out. Studies show if the glass seal is maintained, so is the buildings structural integrity (barring rising water, the other storm threat).
Armor Glass addresses that weak link by “armoring the glass” with our unique security film which has passed the critical Miami Dade and Large Missile impact tests. That is why it was picked for all the federal buildings in Washington DC after 911.  We have put it on everything from retired teachers houses to NASA’s Mission Control glass.
These storms are a warning that people need to pay attention to. Because if it your glass blowing out in a future storm, the chances of injury or death or your family is increased dramatically. 
In the meantime, we have been busy installing our film on SCHOOLS (for shooter protection) and even put it on an historic mansion on Galveston Island recently which has glass dating back 100 years ago.
Our film not only strengthens it, we used the tint version because of the huge solar heat issues they were having. Armor Glass film now provides both hurricane protection and has cut the solar heat entering the house by 50 percent! (Not to mention 99% of harmful UV). So, now they are cooler and safer.
Check us out and get a quote. The life you save may be your own.