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NASA Presentation on Terrorism & Breaking in the House Next Door

This week, in between doing a different installation every day, I will be giving a presentation to NASA on terrorism. It’s a required program and the FBI guy who was going to do my part had a conflict, so they called me.

Why? Because of my background giving terrorism analysis before and after 9/11, including on Houston TV for the Houston Fox station and News 24 (which no longer exists). In the 1990’s, I made a TV program on the potential of a terrorist attack on the U.S. My guest was a weapons expert from the Reagan administration. No one paid attention even though it ran on cable repeatedly.

Fortunately, they let me add to it. I can’t talk about it, but the presentation is a far better product now then it was. I have been in the Middle East on international kidnapping cases and know what it’s like.

It was this background that led to my founding Armor Glass – to actually provide security from threats instead of just talking about threats. After doing deals in over 50 countries, I’ve got a good idea what threats are real and what aren’t.

I just got call from a guy representing a lady who lives next door to a house in a nice upscale neighborhood that was hit by burglars looking for cash (the man runs a storefront). They just knocked in the door glass with a hammer and it was easy entry.

Security from hurricanes, solar heat and burglars are the big three these days. Yet the same film would also protect from a bomb blast since it is explosion-rated.

The recent 98 degree solar radiation is another threat – to your wallet and energy costs. When I moved into a condo with bare glass facing south, I had to use it to cut 70% of the heat coming through single pane windows facing the lake. Otherwise the room baked. And there is no way anyone was going to put plywood on 3rd floor windows!

Stay tuned – the peak of hurricane season is not until mid-September. We are not out of the woods yet. According to experts on global climate, even a one half degree increase in the Atlantic ocean temperature would add enough additional fuel to future hurricanes that we could see more powerful storms as a result. Window breach by wind-borne debris is what leads to roof loss and structural failure — not to mention internal water damages, mold, loss of antiques, computers, etc.

Are you prepared?