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NASA Contractor to Try Armor Glass as a solution

Last week I got an unusual call from a company building components for the next generation of space vehicles for NASA.

The company is looking for a lighter material to provide protection in the event of an overload. They tried one product but it is too expensive and too heavy. As they worked one of them apparently said: “You know that Armor Glass security film we keep hearing about? Why don’t we try that?”

I can’t go into details and it may not prove to be a solution, but it could work out that a future mission will have Armor Glass film protecting some of the components, before and after they reach orbit. That would make us truly out of this world (couldn’t resist a bad pun).

It is always fascinating what comes up in this business. If it isn’t someone in the Turk Islands looking for an installation team, it’s something like this.

In the meantime, we are heavily booked, mostly by normal mortals getting their houses protected.

It appears that “Colin” will not be a threat to the Gulf of Mexico but we haven’t reached our peak for hurricanes. That will be mid-September. That’s when IKE and Katrina hit.