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NASA Astronauts Pick Armor Glass – Bonnie is Coming Our Way

What a great job this is.

One day I am talking to a NASA astronaut as our team is installing our hurricane film on his house – and getting to ask him about his experience flying the F-22 – and the next day I’m talking to a retired Space Station executive who tells me about dropping a piece of plywood on one of his sprinkler heads, causing a water gush.

What other job lets you do that? What other job lets you meet our cutting edge people and talk about the fascinating technology from plasma engines to the comparisons between the F-22 and F-35 latest fighters?
These are just a couple of our clients who have chosen to protect their homes and families with Armor Glass security films. Last week we were doing the same for a retired couple in Harlingen and a builder with a vacation home in Port O’Connor. A homeowner in Sugar Land tried to give his plywood away to my team as they were leaving – he said it was blocking his parking space in his garage. LOL.
What other job lets you do that? I love this job.
Armor Glass will be sponsoring a new radio program I will be announcing soon called “The Global American” on 1110 AM Saturday mornings at 9 a.m. starting August 7th.
The fierce rains of last night have given way to a sunny morning, which is deceptive because Tropical Storm “Bonnie” is heading our way.
It may or may not become a hurricane but it isanother reminder to “Get Prepared” and protect your house like our friends at NASA are doing…