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Narrating a PowerPoint on Security Window Film

Spent last 5 hours narrating a PowerPoint presentation for architects on security film technology.  Once done you click “create video” it takes the computer hours to convert it to a video of  the presentation.

Then I upload it to youTube and “viola!” It probably took 20 hours or more to produce the presentation before sitting down to do the narration.

 The Internet is so Cool. It’s the first time we can efficiently convey information en mas we never could before. Instead of giving the same talk to 10- 20 people over and over, now I can tape it once (actually more than one take on some slides) and let the video convey it a thousand times more efficiently to people one could never find otherwise.

I am so glad i lived long enough to be part of the computer age!

I will add a link to it as soon as it is processed.