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Midwest Gets 100 mph Winds – Hail

The storms whipping the Midwest produced hurricane-force winds up to 100 miles per hour! Not to mention “large hail” which knocks out windows, and tornadoes.

It’s obvious that Armor Glass security window film protection is needed to safeguard homes across the U.S., not just in coastal areas.
The severe weather hit hardest in Illinois, southeastern Wisconsin up into northern Indiana and southern Michigan, according to”
Residents in Tennessee also felt the wrath of severe weather as thunderstorms and high winds rolled across the region on Tuesday striking most intensely in Knoxville.


Thousands remained without power in that east Tennessee city on Wednesday.


Further south in Dallas more than 22,000 customers were without power after storms shattered a rain record set in 1926, the Dallas Morning News reported.


The severe weather is set to continue as high temperatures are expected to reach triple digits in Dallas and other areas of Texas and nearby states in the coming days.


Areas in Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Louisiana, Vermont and New York remain at risk from flooding, and thunderstorms, hail, and strong wind are forecasted across the country, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency.”