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I got a call from a client who had a couple windows replaced and wanted security film installed on the new glass. When I got there she told me that when they were watching the last Shuttle launch someone had broken in – but not through the windows that had our film. They had broken their lock! So they went out and had “Ultimate Locks” installed. She then told me about a friend of hers in Pearland who was home recently when someone broke through the bathroom window, where she had been drying her hair a few minutes before the incident. She ran outside and called police. Needless to say, she was very shaken. You just never know which window they will pick to break. Once more, it makes the point that windows are your weakest link for unauthorized entry. After that, make sure you upgrade your locks. I’ve heard good things about Ultimate Lock as well as “Pop A Lock” but do your own investigation. During depressed economic times, break-ins are a source of income for people who are looking to take some of your stuff to sell. Don’t make it easy for them. Install Armor Glass security film and upgrade your locks!