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Meet Jenny the Disaster Dog in Moore -Air Force One Flyover and Ron Mott

Today I got to meet Ron Mott of NBC – and “Jenny” the disaster dog that is used to reduce stress on survivors. All of us somehow ended up at the same spot at the same time. 

Ron Mott was so NICE. Told him how we love watching him and Brian with his dry humor…Then as we talked Air Force One flew right passed us!

We all ran and tried to take a photo of it, but the skies were gray and the Big Beautiful 747 was flying fast on its way to Tinker AFB, which is right next to my hotel.

In the photo below I shot Ron shooting Jenny the wonder dog.  She was so sweet – she would go in a circle and hit on every one of us. It worked on us for sure. LOL. Her handler had come in from Dallas – they do this for all disasters, she said.

 I was doing survey photos of the damage for material for my upcoming Armor Glass book and came across the NBC crew…

 I had to get my own shot with Jenny (above)…

 Then it was back to the survey – some more blown out windows at the Moore Medical Center…I keep thinking how our security film would have at least kept the glass from being thousands of shards flying through the air. One girl on TV described how things kept hitting her as she covered up a child – all with debris falling on their heads.

 …And I found this yellow car UNDER these steel beams. I was told nothing had been touched since the tornado–this is how it looked the minute after the storm.

 Then we went over to the National Memorial where the Murrah Federal building had stood – until destroyed by a truck full of ammonium nitrate in 1995 was deliberately set off – killing even the kids pictured below who were in a day care center on the 2nd floor of that building.
161 died. An American terrorist, Tim McVeigh, bombing a federal building that included a day care center. I heard the recording of a hearing going on across the street that morning that captured the sound of the blast. It sounded like hell erupting. It was just a normal day until someone acted on hate…

 Below, a photo of a couple survivors from the 1995 Oklahoma bombing. What struck me was how similar the devastation from a truck bomb looked to a tornado direct hit. I see a pattern developing.

Today in Moore OK people told us how much they appreciated the President coming as well as the volunteers from other states who just showed up and helped…They always thanked us for coming.

I told them that’s what we do as AMERICANS – we help each other in time of crisis.

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