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Map of Burglaries in Houston – Any “safe” Area?

Here is a link to a map of burglaries in Houston. Think you are in a “safe” area? I don’t see one on this map.

Not shown on this map are the areas in Ft Bend and the Woodlands that have the same problem. It is probably the oldest occupation next to the other oldest occupation (selling sex and stealing other peoples’ stuff is not new to the human race).

Last summer we put our security film on a lady’s house in Montrose. Five days later someone tried to break in, and failed.

The neat thing is the same film cuts solar heat, making your house cooler, and acts like ‘invisible shutters’ so you never have to board up for a hurricane. It pays for itself over time. And its “carbon negative.” That means that is takes less energy to make it then it saves in its use.

I just spent Saturday putting different film samples in an office with a glass ceiling. The sun coming through the glass made the blistering rooms feel like they were being microwaved.

We put up three films: one Clear, a Stainless that cut nearly 50% of the solar heat and barely change the look of the building, and a Silver reflective one that is perfect for glass ceilings because it cuts a whopping 79% of the solar heat! Think of it as a “White Roof” that reflects back the heat instead of absorbing it. After we put it on, the room felt so COOL despite the sun beating down overhead. All of them cut 99% of UV that causes fading and skin cancer.

It’s pretty amazing to have a technology that is not just a “johnny one note.” It’s more like a “Jack of all Trades” and good at all – cutting energy use, keeping burglars from stealing your stuff, and providing protection to your building’s weakest link from hurricanes and tornadoes.

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