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Link From Chile Earthquake to Hurricane Winds in NY…

Photo: Building collapse in Chile’s 8.8 Earthquake

What does Chile’s 8.8 earthquake and the hurricane force winds hitting New York the past couple days have in common?

Both are examples of how our security window film protects people in crisis. It avoids glass shards injuring or killing people in an earthquake; and it keeps debris and hurricane force winds (that were hitting 90 mph in the latest NY storm) from breaching your windows. Your glass is the weakest link in your building.
Shattering glass from a burglar, or an earthquake, or from a tornado, or from hurricane-force winds are a threat to people – and opens up your building to unwanted entry, destructive water intrusion, mold, loss of data, lost productivity, months of insurance headaches and re-construction inconvenience and significant costs.
Being prepared with Armor Glass gives you, your property and your family greater security. Secure your property before one of these events invades your life and adds to your stress level.
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