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Latest on “ERNESTO’s” Possible Track – How to Prepare

This is the latest possible track of what will become Hurricane ERNESTO. Right now it is expected to be a CAT 1 (IKE was a CAT 1 when it hit Houston in Sept. 2008). 

It’s still EARLY but somewhere in the GULF OF MEXICO seems to be the likely landing point.

The BIG Question: Will it get BIGGER when it hits the warmer GULF waters?  We’ll know more next Wednesday.

Stay tuned. In the meantime, PREPARE. Here are some tips:

1) Boarding up windows, especially on a second floor is a SUICIDE MISSION. Do you still ride a horse to work?  You REALLY want to hoist HEAVY Plywood up a ladder in a stiff wind? (If so, I want to be a named beneficiary on your life insurance policy!) Then why not have Armor Glass 24/7 protection on your windows instead? No holes in your brick or stucco either..And it provides burglar protection if you leave your house for a safer place.

2)  Get your water and food supplies NOW (don’t wait for the rush).

3) Get a radio that runs on either solar or a hand crank.

4)  Call 713 -213 5080 and find out when you can get a FREE quote to protect your home and save money on your energy bills at the same time. It’s unlikely we can do anything at this late date, but there will be more storms this year, and next year, and for six months of EVERY year. Hurricane season is an ANNUAL event…