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Last Theft Rage :Eye Glass Frames

It appears that thieves have taken to stealing eye glass frames. Here is a link to a recent Washington Post article on this trend:

“Thieves have hit eyewear shops in other parts of the country, too. In August in Miami, they stole eyeglasses, a television, three printers and a laptop computer, with a total value of $254,000, according to the Miami Herald.”

One used a rock to break the glass: “in Grandville, Mich., police spotted a 41-year-old man hiding in a ditch outside an ophthalmology office, one he broke into using a rock, according to the Grand Rapids Press. The suspect was accused of stealing $13,000 worth of sunglasses and eyeglass frames.”

Had the store been protected with Armor Glass security film, he never would have gotten in…

Frankly, burglars seem intent on stealing anything of potential value. If all you have is plain unprotected glass as a barrier, then they will have no trouble at all getting in.

Don’t be a victim! Get protection.