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Joplin Missouri’s Killer Tornado – How to be safer

I just returned from a trip overseas and saw the horrible news of a killer tornado that hit Joplin Missouri, destroying untold numbers of buildings and killing an unknown number of people – at least 90 are reported to have died.

Even the hospital was devastated. That is very unfortunate for more than one reason. Had the hospital installed our security window film with attachment, much of this damage could have been avoided.
Tornadoes are like hurricanes – they throw debris through the glass windows, creating killer glass shards and extensive internal damage. Our film – the same that was installed on Washington DC federal buildings in DC after 9/11 – has been rated to protect occupants from large missile strikes (up to 4.5 lbs.) and explosions (it is now rated Level 2 as well as GSA 3a/3b). It certainly would have significantly reduced the damages and injuries at a reasonable cost.
Our prayers are with the people of Joplin. I encourage anyone reading this to check out our website and ask for a free quote. The life you save could be your own or a family member…