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It’s Summer in Australia – And BOILING. Precursor for US?

Photo: Australia Burns

While an unusual cold snap — brought down by the jet stream — has frozen three continents, it is SUMMER south of the equator. And they are BOILING.

Here is a link to a story on Australia’s hottest summer in a half century – at night the LOW has been 93 F!
This could be a sign of what next summer will bring us along the U.S. coast north of the equator (when the seasons shift back). Australia’s heat could mean we get another HOT summer. That means both air conditioning breakdowns and huge energy bills.
And since the “El Nino” effect that protected us in 2009 is leaving, the hurricanes will be BACK – having no hurricanes was a freak event. And if we get another summer of excessive heat then we could be looking at BIGGER hurricanes –earth’s mechanism from throwing off that built up heat.
That makes our solar/hurricane film, which protects you from both the SUN and the HURRICANES, even more of a protective necessity from these weather extremes.
Here is what the Australian weather expert said:

Over the last 50 years there is no doubt in Australia, we’ve seen a rising temperature trend,” he said.

Earlier this month, meteorologists said the last 10 years had been the hottest on record in the country.

Firefighters in South Australia fought three bushfires, and code red fire warnings remain in place for Victoria and New South Wales.