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Is a 2 ply Tire as Good as a 4 ply? Watch out! THICKER IS BETTER…

Is a 2 ply Tire as Good as a 4 ply? No.

So is a 4 mil film as good as a 8 mil film? NO.  But that is what is happening out there – our competitor companies are pushing 4 mil film on people claiming it “is just as good” as 8 mil. No way.

If you believe that I have a bridge for sale in Brooklyn. It’s bogus. With window film THICKER IS BETTER.  When someone is beating on your glass or a storm is throwing windborne debris at it, then you want the maximum protection.

We only sell certified security window film. The minimum thickness that passed the Large Missile Impact test is 8 Mil (our films go up to 14 mil but you don’t need to go that far).  A 4 mil film will NOT pass that test. 

One more caveat: Some of our competitors are NOT telling people who have tempered glass (such as glass doors etc) that putting security window film alone is NOT ENOUGH. Tempered glass is like your care windows – when struck it will break into little pieces for safety reasons.

That means that it will detach from the window frame UNLESS IT IS BONDED TO THE FRAME WITH DOW 995 or GE Silpruf structural sealant.  Without that bonding the tempered glass will fall out of the frame (with the film still holding the glass). This bonding is not required on plate glass but is on tempered glass.  You can tell if a window is tempered if it has an etching in one corner of the glass – plate glass will not have any etching whatsover.  Plate glass tends to hold itself together when struck when film has been applied.

So, bottom line, compare “apples to apples” when evaluating competing quotes. Companies quote 4 mil to “under bid” companies like ours which only quotes 8 mil certified film. So you may save a few bucks if you go with them but you are NOT getting better film. Nor are you getting safety compared to our 8 Mil…

In window film, THICKER IS BETTER, just like with car tires.