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Hurricane Wind Scale Changed

The government is making slight changes to the wind scale for hurricanes:

“The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale ranks hurricanes in five categories based on their wind speed.

The National Weather Service says an adjustment is needed to ensure the smooth conversion of units of wind speed measurement for public advisories.

The change broadens the Category 4 wind speed range to 130-156 mph, instead of 131-155 mph. That shifts the Category 3 range to 111-129 mph, instead of 111-130 mph.

Category 5 hurricanes will have top winds of 157 mph or higher, instead of a threshold of 156 mph.

Categories 1 and 2 remain unchanged. No historical storm records will be altered.”

Project Safe Windows was a study of the 2004 hurricanes that hit Florida. It found that window blow outs from wind-borne debris led to roof loss and structural failure.

Are you prepared?