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Hurricane Sandy – FORGET THE TAPE – Get Armor Glass FILM

I can’t believe it. Old myths die hard.

I just saw a piece on the TODAY show, which is doing hurricane coverage about Hurricane Sandy. They had on a guy with a window– and they actually recommended putting tape on it like an “X” you saw in those old WW II movies. ABSURD!

THIS (below) is what people SHOULD be putting on their glass to prevent breach from wind-borne debris:

It’s SECURITY WINDOW FILM – designed to withstand a 4.5 lb. Large Missile impact and hurricane-force winds.

Compare that to this tape job (below) I once saw:

And with tape, you will end up with this:

And BELOW is a Chase Bank on Long Island that has Armor Glass Security Film protecting its windows from hurricane-force winds:

The film is rated for a Large Missile impact (4.5 lbs)! It can take a 175 mile per hour wind.

The Chase Bank in the last photo is located on Long Island at Oakdale NY – which is getting 71 mile per hour winds right now. In 2009 we put our Hurricane security film on it (Clear version). No need for plywood. We’ll see how it looks AFTER Sandy is gone…

Hurricane Sandy is the LOWEST pressure to ever hit the U.S> at 940 millibars. The big storm of 1938 was 946 millibars!

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