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Hurricane-like “DERECHO” to hit Midwest – including Sparrow PreMature baby unit in Lansing MI

A hurricane-like “Derecho” – which is a massive storm that produces hurricane force winds and tornadoes, hail etc — is sweeping the Midwest. They say it could impact 1 in 5 Americans.

Within the strike zone is Sparrow Hospital in Lansing Michgan – which has a premature baby unit on the fifth floor that has a row of windows facing a gravel roof 100 feet away. Tornadic winds could easily breach those winds and spray nurses and babies with flying glass…

Except it won’t because last year they had us put our Armor Glass security film on those windows and bond it to the frames. Unhooking an incubator to hide in the hallway from tornado winds could kill a baby. Before the installation the only choice they had was leaving the baby and nurse in an unprotected glass room – or risk death of the baby when they unhooked the power to move into a hallway that did not have enough power outlets.

This is another example how Armor Glass is making life safer during turbulent storms and uncertain events, from explosions to hurricanes to tornadoes and shooters…