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Hurricane Facts – One Killed 300,000 in Pakistan

Hurricane Facts with Reference:

Hurricanes didn’t start having boys’ names until 1979.

Most hurricanes die at sea when they pass over areas of cooler water.

In 1967, a hurricane in Texas caused more than 140 twisters.

The worst hurricane damage is often caused by a storm surge. A storm surge is like a giant wall of water pushed onshore by hurricane winds.

In 1989, Hurricane Hugo completely destroyed several forests in South Carolina.

In 1971, Hurricane Ginger lasted for over three weeks.

In 1970, a hurricane in Pakistan killed more than 300,000 people.

When a hurricane is especially devastating, its name is permanently retired and another name replaces it.

In 1944, the US Navy’s Pacific fleet was crushed by Typhoon Cobra, which sank three destroyers and damaged many ships.

Bangladesh was a country that was created from a hurricane. In 1970, this region of Pakistan was struck by a cyclone and 500,000 people died. The people felt their government did not do enough to help after the disaster so in 1971, they voted to be independent of Pakistan and Bangladesh was born.

Hurricanes do not occur in the South Atlantic Ocean, where the waters are too cold for them to form.

Plants have developed different ways of protecting themselves from powerful winds. Palm trees trow mainly in tropical parts of the world where hurricanes sometimes occur. Their flexible trunks bend and spring back in high winds but rarely break.

Taping your windows in preparation for a hurricane is a waste of time and money. Tape does not strengthening the glass. Flying debris will smash a taped window as if the tape weren’t there.

Hurricane Fox was the first storm to be named in an official weather bureau advisory.

Two hurricanes were named Alice in 1954. One in June and one in December.

The first hurricane with a male’s name was Hurricane Bob which hit near New Orleans in July 1979.

The first hurricane to hit the American Colonies happened on August 25, 1635.