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How Burglars Target Your Home – Need to Know if You are Home Alone…

Ladies, I just heard this on TV.

A kid was home alone getting ready for school. Someone knocked on the front door. Being a kid alone he wisely didn’t answer but he could see a car parked in the driveway and they weren’t leaving.

Then he saw a guy wave.  At that point another guy jumped the fence and kicked open the back door, across the room from the kid!  The kid ran into his bedroom, locked the door and put a dresser in front of it. The men left. What if the kid had been a girl?

This is their modus operandi. If no one answers knock the burglars assume its an empty house, and break in. This happened to an Armor Glass client recently – only Armor Glass security film kept a burglar from breaking in on a wife home alone. He didn’t get in and ran away. She dialed 911 and tried to get her fingers off the ceiling for the next week.

Stronger doors, stronger locks, and armoring the glass is the only protection.

If this happens to you — figure out a way of making a noise so they DON’T try to break in. Don’t hesitate to call police if you are a woman or a minor home alone.

As a community service we are passing on some info you need to know –how to protect yourself from today’s threats to the weakest link of the one thing we all live in – our homes.

Glass is so fragile a child can break it. It is the weakest link that continues a 5,000 year old technology that has never been updated – until now. Climate change, hurricanes, tornadoes, burglars and solar heat are NOT going away or getting any weaker….

All threaten the largest investment most people make in their lives — their homes and offices.

Armor Glass is the first real upgrade to glass in thousands of years – don’t leave home without it!