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Houston: 60 Burglaries/day – One Every 30 minutes

In a recent article in the Houston Chronicle, it was reported that Houston experiences 60 burglaries a day! That’s one every 30 minutes, 24/7. One major way of entering is by smashing windows. According to the news account: “Chances are, before you finish reading this newspaper, a neighbor’s laptop, jewelry or flat-screen TV has been carted away by thugs. Burglaries went up at least 22 percent over the last four years, according to a Houston Chronicle analysis of police data, and nearly 22,000 of us were the victims.” Burglars are seldom caught. One resident told me that in his Sugar Land area, over 6 houses in a division with 40 houses have been hit recently. Another resident in Friendswood told me the same thing – the bad guys get off the freeway, enter the neighborhood, and hit a house where it appears no one is home. Recently in Sugar Land, burglars scaled a steel gate and throw a propane tank through a bedroom window. Before the homeowners had a chance to call 911 or defend themselves the burglars were on top of them – and terrorized them for some time before leaving with an undisclosed sum. Armor Glass security film would have prevented that breach. It would have given the resident time to call police and/or a weapon to defend themselves. It takes very little effort to break your glass (try it sometime – you’ll be shocked how easy it is). Last summer we put our security film on a lady’s house. 5 days later someone tried to break-in, and failed. Armor Glass security film kept her from being a victim. Don’t wait to become the next statistic…Ask for a Free Quote.