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Hottest Decade Happened During Solar Minimum – Impact on Tomorrow’s Weather?

I came across a NASA article that discusses an issue that could impact our future weather – the sun’s cycle. Check out this chart which shows we are at a “solar MINIMUM.

The decade just ending was the hottest on record. This occurred while we are in a solar minimum. So the question is: How HOT will it get when the sun returns to the ‘solar maximum‘?

In my opinion, neither health care, nor the wars in the Middle East, nor anything else will matter if we let our own emissions destroy a natural cycle that has existed in an established range for the prior 800,000 years.

Temperatures are now spiking in a straight line UP, breaking that cycle. And that was during the least amount of solar heat during the sun’s 11 year solar cycle.

In the years ahead, the sun’s cycle will be on its natural cycle of going UP, as you can see from the chart.

Hotter temperatures, more powerful hurricanes are the natural factual conclusions. It would really be bad for business if we wreck our planet for our kids and grandkids. There will be no business.

Look at it this way. If the climate change proponents are wrong, at worse we end up with cleaner energy sources and cleaner air/water. If the climate skeptics are wrong, we end up with a dead planet. Which is worse?

All of this means that our security window film, which blocks both SOLAR HEAT and prevents breach of windows that leads to roof loss and destruction of a building and its interior will even more necessary as a shield from our future weather…