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HERMINE Packing a Punch all the Way to Houston

What’s left of HERMINE is packing quite a punch even here in Houston which is hundreds of miles from its center, WOW, it must be kicking some butt in South Texas – where we installed our hurricane film on houses just a few weeks ago.

None of our customers — from Harlingen to Houston — had to rush around trying to find and nail up plywood.

HERMINE was a “pop up” storm, going from a depression to a tropical storm in just a few hours! Our customers didn’t have to do a thing to prepare. Imagine the stress that everyone else felt! Either slap up plywood or go through the storm unprepared, risking internal damage if a window blows out!

We are on the right side, the WET side, the one that packs the biggest punch. The waves in Galveston are ROILING.

This should be another reminder why you need to install our hurricane film now. It also cuts the solar heat that has been blistering us all summer – we just had the hottest August ON RECORD!