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HELENE – The Storm From NOWHERE. Could Hit Texas

Out of NOWHERE came HELENE. It’s now hugging the Mexican coast but it has a chance of reforming over the Gulf of Mexico where steering currents may bring it towards TEXAS next week.

WATCH this one. It may be a Rainmaker, or something more dangerous.

HELENE is another example of “pop up” storms – storms that can grow from nothing to a HURRICANE in less than 24 hours. Remember Humberto?  That’s what it did.

It shows that the old fashioned “boarding up” is a relic of the past. We don’t often get much warning of where a storm will land. Armor Glass security film is working 24/7 once installed. No need to “board up” or run around like crazy trying to find boards and people to install them when everyone else is trying to find food, water and/or leave town…

And when its not hurricane season it is still protecting your house from break-ins and solar heat!

Stay tuned!