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HEAT Relief for Solar Atrium

Photo: Silver 20 8 mil Security film on Atrium Glass Roof (top) vs 2 mil Tint Bronze below. Watch the BTU difference on the video

Yesterday I worked on a pro bono project for a lady who has MS and an atrium that gets so hot that they have to run the air conditioner to keep their birds alive in the summer. Her electric costs were sometimes as much as $1,000/month!

So we installed our Silver 20 security film on the ceiling of the atrium glass – it rejects 80% of the solar heat and it also keeps the heat off the glass. Before installing it we had to scrape off the old bronze tint which was dried and peeling. It was easy to pull the top part off but brutal to get the glue off.
But after getting the new film installed the difference was dramatic. The bottom of the pane with the old solar film was HOT to the touch, but where we had installed our Silver 20 the glass was much cooler.
By the time we finished she said that she could tell how much cooler the room was with the new security film.
And since I don’t normally do installation (my crew normally does these thing but this was my pro bone project and they are working on another job), I discovered muscles that I don’t know I’d had for years! Putting film on a ceiling and defying gravity is not for the faint of heart. The lady’s unemployed husband was helping and we probably looked like the Marx Brothers in action. But we got it done and she was happy. LOL.
Now the lady and her birds (not to mention her children, grandchildren, husband, etc.) will have a much more comfortable, and secure, summer.