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Hardening Your Space in a More Dangerous World

WHAT causes a house to explode in a hurricane or tornado? What technologies are available to protect occupants of buildings facing the ultimate threats from Mother Nature’s relentless attacks to burglars and intensifying solar heat 365 days/year?

The latest Hurricane reports are for an “above average” season for hurricanes threating the nearly 54% of our population who live near the coasts. By 2025 two thirds of the world’s population will live within 100 miles of a coast. This comes as we have an abnormal DOUBLING of deadly tornadoes in the U.S. The AP reports that the conditions this season are similar to 2005 – which produced Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, storms that Gulf Coast resident still remember and fear.

The week’s Global American radio program explores these questions and provides some answers. HOW do we armor our spaces (houses and work) from these increasingly dangerous threats? What does each technology achieve versus its cost? What technology has been overlooked that could save property and lives?

We have been witnessing some of the most dangerous, weird weather not just in the U.S. but worldwide — breaking decade’s old, and historic, records globally. From freak Tornado monsters a mile wide with multiple vortexes staying on the ground for hundreds of miles, turning cities like Tuscaloosa and Joplin into matchwood while sucking debris 18,000 feet into the air and dropping it over 60 miles away.

We have seen unprecedented freak tornadoes appearing in Massachusetts – fierce hurricanes and droughts worldwide, sweeping from Australia in the southern hemisphere to Russia in the north. The first four days of June Houston had record 104 and 105 degree temperatures. This week Minneapolis hit 103 (how close to Canada can you get?) and New York 99 degrees – August weather — and it is not even summer yet!

Are people prepared for the bigger storms generated by the greater heat of an Atlantic ocean that is 2 degrees hotter, which produces larger storms? Is your personal space secure from the increasingly freak storms of greater intensity? Or from human intrusion?

Get the facts, and solutions, on this timely, unique program. Even FEMA has benefited from –and funds — hazard mitigation technology that it fails to mention it in its preparedness reports!

Will global warming, regardless of the debate of whether it is “normal or manmade,” make today’s freakishly hot and violent weather the “norm” we have to prepare for?

For details and answers, tune into the Global American radio program on Saturday at 9 am central US time on Business 1110 AM, streamed on and Podcast 24/7 on (click on ‘favorite program’ and click the title above).

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