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HAIL and GOLF BALLS, it’s All the Same

One of our customers lives on a golf course where the duffers are as bad as my golf. She had our security film put on to protect her from flying glass.

Sure enough, Rosemary called a while back to say that a ball had ricocheted into one of her windows (Right Photo above). Since it was such a small pane and my installers were busy I went out and put film on her new replacement glass. Since it was facing another house I expected it was safe from another ball, although it was in range for a burglar.

Well then, I get this email message from her yesterday:

Believe it or not, another golf ball hit the SAME window in the same place two days ago. I have not had the glass replaced yet, but when I do, I will be contacting you again. Good news is—it did not go through the glass, and I was spared the broken shards all over the place. Your film is excellent. I just wish the golfers were!!!!

WOW. Golf balls are like HAIL, and the Texas Panhandle, Dallas, etc have just gotten hit by hail the size of golf balls, breaking out windows, etc.

WITHOUT ARMOR GLASS, your window will look like the Left Photo if struck by a golf ball, windborne debris, or a burglar. The left photo had cheap Solar Film Only on it – Solar Film is NOT breach resistant. Our film is – and will also cut Solar Heat just like solar film!

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