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Global Warming Could Result in Fewer, But Stronger Hurricanes

A new study suggests that global warming aka climate change could reduce the number of hurricanes (the good news) but that the ones who occur could be stronger (the bad news).

The study estimates that future hurricane damage could be 28% HIGHER.
It is estimated that the damages from Hurricane IKE that hit Texas in 2008 was $22 billion. Add 28% to that for the next one – assuming it isn’t a CAT 3 or 4, which would do even more damage than CAT 2 IKE. Katrina was a CAT 3.
I have heard estimates that the damage to Chase Bank at 600 Travis in Houston is about $40 million. Had our security film been on those windows, all of this damage would have been avoided — because the film with attachment would have kept those windows from being sucked out even if they had been broken! The cost of installation would have been a fraction of the cost of damages, not including lost productivity, computer files destroyed, data lost, etc.
Remember the story of the three little pigs? One built a house of straw, one built a house of sticks and one built a house of bricks. Only the pig with the house of brick survived – but only if that pig had installed our security film on its windows to keep out (1) the bad wolf and (2) hurricane force winds and a breach of the windows by windborne debris that leads to roof loss in a storm!
A Professor who lives near Rice told me that their neighborhood has had a series of break ins lately – people throwing BRICKS through people’s windows, then grabbing a laptop, TV, etc and dash out. (He has our film installed on his house). The good news is that our security film is Large Missile rated (4.5 lbs — or the size of a brick hurled at the glass).
Moral: Armor Glass security film would have stopped the unemployed Big Bad Wolf from breaking into Piggie No. 3’s house…not to mention protect him from future Hurricane force-winds, while saving energy (= $Money) at the same time!…