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Get Solar Relief + Security as Temps Hit 100+

This past week the gauge on my car measuring outside temp gauge hit 111 degrees when I was on the West Loop! I feel like I’m being X-rayed when I walk outside. As summer bores on, people are burning up inside windows that act like magnifying glasses for the sun’s rays. But solar film alone doesn’t protect their windows from a breach during a hurricane or a burglar.

And plywood is so yesterday. One customer told me that he was pulling a heavy piece of plywood up a ladder, trying to get it on a second story window – and dropped it on one of his sprinkler heads. It broke and a stream of water shot high into the air. It sounded like a great commercial, except it wasn’t funny when it happened to him.
The ideal solution is a film that provides both solar relief and security from window breach by wind borne debris in a hurricane – which leads to internal damages and roof uplift/loss.

As we get closer to the peak 2010 hurricane season (August-September), we have been traveling nonstop, showing and installing our solar+security film to beat the heat and retire the plywood for hurricane protection.
Often, air conditioners cannot cope without the help from our film, which cuts 50-70% of the solar heat coming through the glass. That’s 50 to 70% less heat your a/c has to air condition.
It is so much better than the other choices – solar screens are not impact resistant, shutters cost ten times more, and so on. It remains the best solution at the least cost – and it even screens out harmful UV (99%).
We have installations booked solid into August. Hurricane Alex has been our only close call so far, but there is plenty of time for more storms to head our way.
Remember IKE? Prepare now.