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Galveston Hail Knocks Out Windows



A huge storm last night hit Galveston with BASEBALL size HAIL. It knocked out windows from cars and houses.

This is another application for Armor Glass Security Film – it would keep the hail from breaching the glass. Instead of a big hole with wind and rain pouring inside, the Armor Glass film would keep it out even if the window was broken.

Instead of running around looking for a piece of wood or cardboard to cover the hole – and wondering if someone will use to to enter the premises before a window guy can replace it — Armor Glass is on the job 24/7 until you get it fixed. Then you have us put on replacement film and you are good to go again.

Armor Glass Security Film just makes so much sense. One wonders why more people don’t know about it or why they keep using that Brand X inferior solar film that provides no breach protection?