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From Explosions to Storms to Dogs

Right now a blizzard with 50+ mph winds is heading towards Long Island, where we installed our security window film on a new Chase bank building 1/2 mile from the Atlantic. They wanted it for hurricane protection, including those famous “noreasters.”

About 10 days ago, a storage tank exploded in Seabrook, where I live. It rattled windows across town, including houses on which we installed hurricane film on last year. The homeowners just realized why its good to have an explosion-rated film on their house windows.
And last week, a homeowner who is moving into a new house told me about his dog, who likes to run into his windows, knocking himself silly. The homeowner said at their present location the dog cannot get much speed before he hits the window. At the new house, he said that the dog would have a 50 foot “runway” to get up to speed before hitting the window – and he was afraid the dog would be hurt by broken glass.
So I recommended on that window we install the film not just on the inside, but also on the outside. Then, if the dog hits it too hard — and breaks the glass — he would only hit “film” and not be cut by broken glass.
We recently installed it on a house in College Station that had been hit by burglars. The house is situated in a nice, new residential section. The criminals knocked out a large side window over a bathtub, then carried off the resident’s valuables. The couple told me that, after the break-in, the family was having trouble sleeping – until we installed the film.
These are some of the uses our protective film is being put to. Stay tuned for more.