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From 100 BTU to 11 – Solar Security Film Makes All the Difference

Yesterday, with some help, we finished the Atrium ceiling for our Armor Glass pro bono project of the year – for a lady with MS who had an atrium so hot that it threatened her birds in her aviary – yet it cost $1,000 to air condition it.


Watch the BTU meter change from the solar heat reading from clear, plain glass (100 BTU) to that same glass covered with our Silver 20 security film (11 BTU) – reflecting back over 80% of the solar heat and keeping the heat off the glass. And consider that this heat is mid-April heat, not July-August heat! Yet it still dropped the solar heat over 80%! The video is proof.


The old film was not security film and actually held the heat on the glass, making the room even hotter.
With our security solar, the owner is protected from both a breach of the glass by hurricane-force winds or solar heat beating down.