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Forcast: Wetter and Cooler – But Also More Tropical Storms

The weather is supposed to get wetter and cooler but the experts say that despite the cooler temperatures we could see a number of tropical storms rolling over the eastern and southern U.S.

Tropical storms can be as destructive as hurricanes – we had Tropical Storm Allison that flooded the entire city of Houston. It destroyed a lot of back up equipment that had been placed under ground level.

Even the storms lately are more powerful — producing hurricane-force winds, like the one that recently hit New York. Winds were clocked up to 120 mph!

All it takes is a windborne debris hit on a window in high winds to breach the glass, causing interior damage (at the most inconvenient time) and risking roof loss and structural failure from the internal wind pressures. Then you get the mold and the costs are high. The inconvenience can last months.

But with our film, you just replace the glass, and the film, and you’re back in business without interior damage or mold to deal with.

I feel protected because I’ve got Armor Glass security/hurricane film on my glass to avoid that prospect. But most people don’t. And they remain vulnerable even when the hurricane season ends.