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Facts About Burglaries

Here is an excerpt from the forthcoming Armor Glass book:
“Burglaries can occur at any time of the day during any day of the week but most commonly they occur between the hours of 10 am and 3pm.
Surprisingly to many homeowners, the most common point of entry in to the home is the front door with 34% of burglary gaining entry in to the home this way. Additionally 23% of burglars enter the home through the first floor windows, 22% enter through the back door, 9% enter through the garage, 6% enter through other unlocked entrances and storage areas of the home, 4% enter through the basement and 2% enter through second floor entrances. 

On average a thief wants to spend no more than one minute breaking in to a single home, so making your home more difficult to enter is key.”

“According to the Eight United Nations Survey on Crime Trends and Operations of the Criminal Justice System (2002) the United States led 68 countries in the frequency of burglaries. The United States formed 26.9% of burglaries recorded, more than twice that of the second place nation, Germany who compared with 13.2% of recorded burglaries. The lowest incidence of recorded burglaries was found in Oman, where there were absolutely no recorded incidences to speak of.”