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Extreme Weather: The New Normal?

2011 has had 14 Extreme Weather events costing over a billion dollars each so far this year – from Super-tornadoes to triple digit heat waves to Floods to Drought.

A new report out suggests that climate change creates extreme weather conditions and that this may become the “new normal.”

That means we can expect more of these freak events that are causing so much damage. Extreme weather in 2011 has produced costs of nearly $50 billion.

“Unprecedented extreme weather and climate events” look likely in coming decades as a result of a changing climate, says the draft report.

Bottom line? The need for Armor Glass security film will increase as a means to cut triple digit heat and avoid window blow outs from hurricane-force winds — not to mention man-made actions like burglaries.

The $500 tax credit for energy efficiency improvements to your home will expire December 31, 2011. There is no expiration date on future extreme weather events…