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Expect More CAT 4 and 5 storms – Might even need a CAT 6 category

Our winter in the northern hemisphere is summer south of the equator.  And this year they are getting huge cyclones (we call them hurricanes) with winds exceeding 160 miles per hour!  Some of the gusts exceeded 200 miles per hour!

When “Pam” hit Australia it was classified a CAT “6” at one point! Up until now CAT 5 has been the highest rating for a storm.

Scientists think we will get more of these giant storms, even if we get fewer of them. That means what we get will tear buildings to pieces unless we have armored our existing buildings to handle the stress. From the above article we quote:

“It’s very simple physics,” Professor Matt England, a climate scientist at the University of NSW, says. “A warmer ocean leads to a more intense cyclone. The model projections show a robust increase of those category 4 and 5 strength storms,” he says. “You’re loading the dice for a much greater chance of a higher intensity storm.”

Much of this intensity is due to warmer water in the Pacific. Our Storms come from the Atlantic, which is also the hottest on record.

                                    Cyclone “PAM” over Vanuatu in the Pacific – CAT 6

Bottom line: Hotter water = bigger storms. It’s just a fact.

Studies have shown what causes houses and buildings to be leveled during a hurricane – breach of the weakest link, the windows, by wind-borne debris (flying tree limbs, toys, street signs, gravel, etc.)

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