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Excessive Heat Alert – How to Cut your Power Use and Be Cooler

Texas utilities are asking people to limit their power use. The triple digit HEAT is causing a massive surge in power consumption, which in the past has led to rolling blackouts.

How can you cut your power use and get COOLER at the same time? We have the solution.

Our solar security film cuts a minimum of 50% of the solar heat getting into your house or building. That means 50% less heat that you air conditioner has to cool. Energy savings can be as much as 30%! Our films can cut up to 79% of solar heat, depending on the film used.

And at the same time, you get protection from break-ins not to mention hurricanes breaching the windows and blowing off your roof. You never have to ‘board up’ again!

Save energy – enough to pay for itself over time – AND get 24/7 protection. What’s their not to love about that?

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P.S. “Emily” will be approaching the U.S. coast by this Friday. More tropical waves are behind her.