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ERCOT Wants Us to Curb Energy Use – Here is Solution

We just got an email advising us to curb our energy use. Here it is:

“Due to extremely high temperatures across Texas, we are asking our customers to help conserve energy, especially during the hours of 3 and 7 pm, for the remainder of this week. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) reminds customers to use power wisely – while there is sufficient generation to serve today’s electric use, new peaks were reached in July for load on the grid and temperatures continue to rise.

Please reduce your energy consumption between 3 and 7pm daily and help reduce the strain on the electric grid”

Well ERCOT, we already are curbing our use. How? By having Armor Glass Solar-Security film on our windows. While protecting from a burglar break in and hurricane force winds, the film also cuts over 50% of the solar heat entering our house. That means the air conditioning has half the heat to cool.

If EVERYONE in Texas had the same protection, we would not face these power issues AND people would have more protection from break ins and future hurricanes/tornadoes.

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