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Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Hail – Extreme Weather the “New Normal”?

Poor Oklahoma. After experiencing an earthquake larger than anything like it in 50 years, today its being hit by tornadoes and hail.

The biggest threat to a building is loss of its windows from stress caused by a shaking earth to windborne debris from tornado winds or falling ice balls.

Reports are that “extreme weather” may be the “new normal.” Article link:

In each season this year, Oklahoma has had an extreme weather event. The U.S. has had over 13 extreme weather events in 2011. For example:

“The winter brought ice storms and snow from Mexico to Canada. The “Groundhog Day blizzard,” which began in late January, brought Chicago to a standstill, dumped 21 inches of snow at O’Hare International Airport and killed 36 people.

But the spring and summer have packed a wallop of willful and dangerous weather. April spawned 875 tornado reports — the 30-year average for the month is 135. The “super outbreak,” as climatologists dubbed it, killed 327 people.

Floodwaters sprang from the Red River to the Ohio River. A string of enormous storms saturated the Ohio Valley, where precipitation was more than 200% above normal.

The Mississippi River crested from Illinois to Louisiana. As the Mississippi continued to rise, threatening major cities along its banks, a district judge ordered the Army Corps of Engineers to open the Morganza Spillway, inundating 4,600 square miles of Louisiana bottom land along with rural farmsteads and fields.

At times one weather crisis begot another. The storm cells parked above the Ohio Valley blocked the much-needed moisture from the Gulf of Mexico from reaching the southern Plains, exacerbating the region’s drought.

Heat and aridity smothered Texas, where 2 million acres were consumed by wildfires in late spring. Another record.”

Are you protected –from the heat and storms?