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Earthquake in Ecuador; HAIL in Texas 50,000 cars destroyed, 5,000 Windows

Hail 2016

Major EARTHQUAKE in Ecuador, over 200 killed. Last week I had a conversation with a resident of San Francisco, which also sits on a major fault line — as does all of California. Sooner or later, they too will have another one of these horrible destroyers that come without warning (at least I know a hurricane is coming!).

The weather is beyond bizarre. Last week HAIL was so huge in Texas that it destroyed over 50,000 cars in the Dallas area. Entire walls of glass windows were obliterated. Over 7,000 roofs suffered hail damage and over 7,000 windows blown out!

While Armor Glass won’t stop a quake, tornado or hurricane, it will hold the glass together, even in the face of baseball size hail. Armor Glass would have avoided the blow out and all the internal damage that will take MONTHS to fix.  Entire offices, files, etc. destroyed by the resulting water damage. Imagine the cost savings of avoiding months of rehab!?

There are documented deaths from broken glass – our high tech polycarbonate film is the same that was installed on DC federal buildings after 911. It contains glass as one piece instead of a thousand shards flying through the air threatening eyes, feet, etc.

I once had to break glass to jump from a 2nd story of a house on fire. I am lucky it didn’t cut an artery or I wouldn’t be here telling you this technology can save your life and protect your property. Read “Houses of Straw” at our website.