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Don’t wait for the wolf blowing at the door to call

Now they are having tornado warnings in NYC!

What a strange year it has been – Major Droughts like Texas next to areas of record tornadoes–the worst in recorded history–from Tuskaloosa to Joplin, record hurricanes in Australia, and more.

What kind of wake up call do you need? All this extra heat is generating hellacious storms.

I’m reminded of the 3 little pigs story – people facing storm wolves with houses built of straw. Until people armor their glass – their weakest link – windborne debris and fierce winds will continue to knock out windows and explode buildings from internal wind pressure caused by window breach.

Armor Glass security films prevent that disaster from happening. It would have kept millions in damages to Chase Tower in Houston as windows were sucked out during Hurricane IKE. It would keep windows from blowing in from TORNADO winds hurling debris at speeds up to 175 mph and debris up to 4.5 lbs (Large Missile). And it will also cut 99% of UV that destroys your furnishings, prevent break ins, and save energy at the same time.

What is their not to love about that?

And for people in hurricane zones, Armor Glass security film eliminates the need to “board up” each time a storm threatens – a tedious chore, difficult and dangerous if not impossible one if a house has multiple stories.

Are you prepared? Don’t wait for the wolf blowing at the door to call for a free quote…