Don’t use TAPE in a Hurricane and Don’t Stand in Front of the Glass with 155 mph winds!

Hurricane Michael winds wont be stopped with tape this is very dangerous

Video link:

Hurricane Michael – What NOT to do! These men are risking instant DEATH trying to hold glass together during a hurricane with some TAPE. That is tempered glass. Once it breaks, it will fly into a thousand pieces into their bodies at 100 plus miles per hour. DON’T RISK IT!

Use 8 mil Armor Glass Security Film to cover that entire glass pane – and have it bonded to the frame as the anchor with a GE Silpruf Structural sealant. Then no one needs to be at risk from flying glass. It costs a fraction of shutters or impact glass and also cuts solar heat and UV at the same time.

Armor Glass – Don’t leave home (or stay there in a hurricane) without it! For details, read our FREE book “Houses of Straw” at our website:

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